Company Martin SW was founded in Czech Republic in 1991 to develope SW for purposes of aviation.


  • April-02-2024
    New version RallyWin 7.00.01 released. See section Download.
    Simplification of entering arc points, possibility of entering arc length greater than 180 degrees,
    more precise evaluation of circling on the arc and various improvements.

    New version PrecisWin 6.03.04 released. See section Download.
    Various improvements and minor bug fixes.

  • October-10-2022
    New version PrecisWin 6.01.02 released.

  • April-27-2022
    New version RallyWin 6.01.02 released.

  • March-11-2022
    New version PrecisWin 6.01.00 released.

  • December-08-2021
    New version PrecisWin 6.00.04 released.

  • November-23-2021
    New version PrecisWin 6.00.03 released.

  • July-14-2021
    New version RallyWin 6.00.03 released.