Company Martin SW was founded in Czech Republic in 1991 to develope SW for purposes of aviation.


  • June-11-2018
    New version RallyWin 5.00.02 released. See section Download.

  • May-06-2018
    New version PrecisWin 5.00.01 released. See section Download.

  • March-30-2018
    New versions PrecisWin 5 and RallyWin 5 programmes released. See section Download.
    The most important changes:
    Printouts were completely redesigned for a better experience.
    They can now also contain up to 2 pictures in a page header.
    Maximum altitude monitoring was added for all legs of route.
    Predefined values and flight maximum values were updated based on 2018 Rules.
    Other minor enhancements.
    All changes are described in new user's manuals.

  • September-18-2016
    If you have installed program Precis or Rally version no.3 or no.4 with program
    GPS.exe (in directories Precis_Win or Rally_Win) from 25.09.2015
    replace it the new version from here Download, please.