The semi-automatic starting sequence should place the faster aircraft at the beginning of a group and the slowest at the end. But it does not.

Even in case of creating starting list semi-automatically, start sequence needs to be given to each plane (see manual). Programm will count then automatically every particular take-off time with respect to TAS and prospective pilot changing.

When I put the take-off interval between competitors to 5 minutes it will show a 10 minute interval in the starting list. Why?

This problem has been already replaced. Download new version of program files in section Download.

I am not sure, how to define T/O and LND coordinates correctly in program PrecisWin.

There always must be defined two T/O points - one on each side of runway and both must be in its centerline. It is the same
also for LND points. T/O and LND points coordinates on one side of runway can be put in the same place. It depends only on
position where you want to record T/O time and LND time. Points must be placed so not to be possible to pass accidentally
one of the T/O gates in outbound direction during the taxiing to take-off position. Otherwise the programme will start
evaluating competitor's flight just at this moment. So it doesn't matter on take-off direction. Width of T/O and LND gate
is defined in menu Constants -> Fly & Nav, and gate is perpendicular to RWY direction that is determined by those two points
placed in its centerline.
Comment: SP, FP and if need TP or SC must be placed according to their distance from the aerodrome! There always must be
ensured that gate or extended line of some of these points won't be passed during the flight after take-off to SP. For
example - if FP is placed so its gate or its extended line is passed after take-off during circling the aerodrome or flight
to SP, programme terminates evaluating competitor's flight supposes that flight terminated as well and the time of passing
LND gate inbound is considered to be the last.